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How to Apply Loyal Rewards?

If you are our returning customer, you may have Loyal Rewards in your account blance. (Buying as guest can not win loyal rewards)

Your Loyal Rewards will be applied automatically in your next order.

1. You can check your Lolay Rewards balance by loging into your account.

2. Find a product that you want to order, and click the "ADD TO CART" or "BUY IT NOW" button.

3. At the shopping cart page or checkout page, you will see the Loyal Rewards is automatically applied, and you don't need to do anything else.

Shopping cart page

Checkout page

By the way, you will enjoy 10% payment discount by using MoneyGram, Western Union, Ria or Sigue Money Transfer payment method. 

4. Confirm Order and you are done! Here you can view your order history by clicking "history".


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